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  The "Ukrpost" system

Welcome to the "Ukrpost" system – email Ukrtelecom service.

The system allows you to send and recieve email wherever you are as well as provides such servcies as news reading, RSS, NNTP, etc.

The system "Ukrpost" lets you control incoming and outcoming messages using filters, forwarding messages to another email, sorting them by folders, blocking unwanted messages, autoreplying the messages.

The system interface is translated on english, ukrainian and russian languages.

In order to use the system you must order the service first using the "My Ukrtelecom - Service Management System Site".

The system services are available via the main menu.


1.User interface
2.Working with lists
2.Login into the system
3.Prefernces and settings
4.Using the mailbox
1.Using the folders
2.Using the message list
3.Working with messages
4.Message composing
5.Contact list
1.Filter conditions
7.External mailboxes
8.Reading RSS feeds
9.Working with NNTP


"My Ukrtelecom - Service Management System Site"